Using Gadgets

Many of you may already have several or one of the following gadgets; mobile, mp3 player, iPod, camera, memory stick or PDA.

Here are some ways which you can make the most of the gadgets that you have been given.  Those of you with wi-fi functions will be able to access online resources from anywhere.

  • Record Archimedes' details on your contact list so you can get in touch with us easily
  • Set up reminders for the extra lessons and when the assignments are due for on the calendar functions
  • Create notes when you think of an idea for an assignment, or a question to ask us
  • Record audio notes to summarise key points when you are studying
  • Access a dictionary or thesaurus online
  • Back up your courseworks
  • Search the web for quizzes (check our Recommended websites link on the Student Home page)