GCSE ICT Coursework 1a Resources

 Coursework  1a

Make sure you have your name on every sheet of paper and that you have numbered your word document.

 Coursework 1a - Do you have the following in your coursework.


Find different types of information from IT sources and non IT sources

Evidence of IT -  1   o

Evidence of IT – 2   o

Evidence of non – 3 - o

Evidence of non – 4 - o

(Evidence of non IT sources have to show scan of front cover of book or the actual source stuck into coursework.  There has to be two different non IT sources.  IT sources have to show evidence of picture in source.


Use a computer to create a piece of work – with one it source and one non – IT source

This can normally be automatically ticked as you would do it.  o


Use editing techniques

Editing techniques can be found with the proofreading corrections – if they you done it. You also need to show a cut and a paste from a source (can be your word document) into your book o


Include text, images and numbers in work

Check that their book has text, images and numbers.

ALL have to have at least one thing obtained from their sources

Text – some text has to be searched for in the internet, showing evidence – text has to copied and pasted into the word document – and rewritten in a simpler format for your book – this text has to be found in your book.

Pictures this is quite straight forward Check that at least one of the sources in each section can be found in your book ie one from Internet, clipart CD and two different non IT Sources.  o

Numbers – You have to find 3 prices of books and show evidence of it –(the internet is best) then you work out the average. This is the price of your book.

This price has to be found in your book – price has to be converted into two other currencies – they have to be aligned in their book – ie align the decimal point

(you can achieve numbers by other methods but this is the one we tend to teacho


Develop a piece of work

At least 3 screenshots showing steps o


State purpose of the work

What are you creating o

Who for (age group) o

Why are you creating it o


Experiment with layouts and choose an appropriate layout for the selected information

Layouts  - at least two layouts for each – plus which one you have chosen and why its best for your purpose.

Front cover – check layout matches book o

Inside pages – check layout matches book o

Back page – check layout matches book o

(Note:- Many students have a bar code – this will not get marks but will not be penalised if you do it.!!!!


Write how development matches purpose of work

When showing development of book you have to give reasons as to why you are making the changes. Reasons have to refer to purpose – eg I am changing the font size so its easier for the children to read. o


Show consistency

Check that all inside pages are consistent. Ie same layout, font etc etc. If for example each page has text in a different colour – this is consistent in the sense that each page is different. If 3 pages are of one colour and 2 of another and the third of another then this is not consistent.  o



Develop a significant piece of work

Check that the book has 8 pages (including front and back) o


Use a spellchecker and proof reader

Spellchecker – screenshots of spellchecker working – has to show an error being picked up by checker o

Proof reader – evidence of proof reader checking book. Proofreader has to sign and date copy.o

A second printout of corrected copy of book has to show the evidence of errors correct. If proofreader doesn’t find an error, spelling or grammatical or factual you cannot gain the mark o


Save work

Screen shot of where the book has been saved.  Has to show the publisher file and in a folder o


Develop a significant piece of work using range of sources

This you should be able to automatically tick if you have 8 pages in book, used your 4 IT sources and have shown development of front, one inside page and the back. o


Search for information using multiple criteria

This is given when users use an operand in their search – Currency and convertor is the best – you might also find it whilst you are looking for their internet pictures  o


Use hyperlinks

Evidence of at least two times they clicked on a link – (internet is best) and say why they chose it relevant to their purpose. EG

·          I clicked on images because my book is for children and I want colourful pictures for them.

·         I clicked on the top result because I need to covert my price to other currencies and Google gives the best one at the top.

·         I clicked on enlarge image because I need a suitable picture of a cow and I wanted to see it in detail


Use formatting techniques

Formatting means changing the look of the text. Changing the font, colour size etc are formatting. This probably has been done already. Formatting is also cropping a picture (with reason). The criteria is plural so look for 3 pieces of evidence of formatting. o


Derive new information

Getting some information and changing it for the book.

Currency and converter (if done properly) will get the mark – also getting the text from the internet and writing in own words will also get mark. o


Additional skills:


Is able to compare own use of IT with other methods

Comparison means compare – so a point – eg printing and say how you did it using IT and how  you would have had to do it manually. The criteria is plural so two would get the mark but Its best to do 3  o



Can work safely, take care of equipment and avoid loosing information

There are three bits to this

Can work safely (2-3 points needed in your write up)   Write as much as you can because it helps with tyur theory o

Take care of equipment – same as above o

Avoid loosing information – screen shots of backups two is best  – MUST be different location to the saving – in above section and show book – not the word document o


Knows how to get help when dealing with errors

Just two instances – whilst creating your book – when you had an error and who you called o


Advantages and disadvantages experiences in using IT

This is NOT a comparison but just advantages and disadvantages you found whilst creating your book.

2-3 advantages and 2-3 disadvantages o


Knows when it is necessary to observe copyright or confidentiality

Copyright is the best one to do. Explain how  you used observed copyright – has to mention, all sources

The IT - clipart, internet and the NON IT each of the books/mags o


Can identify errors and their causes

Its plural so at least 2 errors – has to be related to creating the book NOT the word document – screen shot of error, you have to say what caused the error and how you corrected it.o


Knows how to minimise risks from viruses

Again its plural so you have to explain how youminimised virus whilst doing coursework. 2 or 3 good explanations will give the mark o


Knows how to minimise health risks

Health risks so two of them with explanations will give you the mark.  Once again write as much as  you can as it will help for your  theory o

There are a few marks for  Grammar, punctuation and spelling so read through your word document and make sure you don't have any errors.

 If you wish to Download this as a Word processing document Click Here